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Spiceefingers Catering Services

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Random Dishes

From Our Menu

  • N2000

    Jollof/Fried Rice Order

    Jollof/Fried Rice served with fried plantain or salad, turkey and fish for office party.
  • N12000/N8500

    Ofe Onugbu Order

    • 4 Liters - N12000
    • 3 Liters - N10000
    • 2.5 Liters - N8500
    Ofe onugbu cooked with cocoyam,bitterleaf,assorted meat,Palm fruit,dryfish,stockfish.
  • N13000/N8000

    Isi Ewu Order

    • 5 Liters - N13000
    • 3 Liters - N10000
    • 2.5 Liters - N8000
  • N15000/N10000

    Snail Order

    • Jumbo 15 Pcs - N15000
    • Big 15 Pcs - N12000
    • Medium 15 Pcs - N10000
    Peppered snail cooked with fresh tomatoes,fresh pepper,onions and garnished with bell peppers.
  • N12000/N8500

    Oha Soup Order

    • 4 Liters - N12000
    • 3 Liters - N10000
    • 2.5 Liters - N8500
    Oha soup cooked with fresh oha leaf, cocoyam,assorted meat,dryfish,stockfish,Palm fruit.
  • N12000/N8500

    Egusi Soup Order

    • 4 Liters - N12000
    • 3 Liters - N10000
    • 2.5 Liters - N8500
    Egusi soup cooked with beef,stockfish,dryfish,ugu leaf

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What Our Clients Say


I’ll be honest with you, THIS SOUP IS THE BEST I HAVE HAD IN A LONG TIME!!!

It is money well spent! Well peppered, tasty, PLENTY edibles inside impressive portion and packaging, in fact I already have a portion in readiness for lunch at work tomorrow. Thank you so much Nnem. You have a regular customer in me, take that to the bank. I mean every word dear, I totally enjoyed it. Well Done!


I love it!. I had been busy all day so i had it late this evening, as in, it was really good, with the plenty assorted meat. Thank you jare.

Linda Umeh